Cable Covers

Precast reinforced and unreinforced concrete cable covers are used for covering underground cable with a view to give a warming of the presence of an underground electric cable and also to protect cables against blows from excavating tool. The use of unreinforced concrete cable cover is recommended mainly for locations where danger from pick- axing are not significant and situations of secondary importance.


CEMENT: OFC -33 Grade or OPC- 43 Grade.

Aggregate: All aggregates shall be of a size appropriate to the section of cable covers, but shall not exceed 10 mm nominal size. All aggregate confirming to IS 383-1970 is used.

Fly ash confirming to IS 381 may be used as fine aggregate.

WATER: conferming to the requirements of IS 456-1964

STEEL WIRE: Conferming to IS 432 and IS 1786- 1966


EHV Reinforced with peak For Voltage r ting 22kv and 33 kv
HVP Unreinforced with peak For volt ge r ting above 1 kv excluding 22 Kv
HV Unreinforced Flat For Voltage upto and including 1.1 kv
LV Unreinforced Flat For voltage upto and including 1.1 kv

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